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Basic knowledge of injection mold.

What is the most basic knowledge injection mold of injection mold?
A, high speed milling, the third generation of molding technology ­ ­ high-speed milling not only has high processing speed and good processing precision and surface quality, and low temperature compared with traditional machining (higher machining only 3 ℃), the thermal deformation is small, and therefore suitable for temperature and hot deformation sensitive materials (such as magnesium alloy processing; Also due to the small cutting force, it can be applied to thin wall and rigid parts processing; Reasonable selection of cutting tool and cutting amount can realize a series of advantages such as hard material (HRC60) processing. Therefore, high speed milling technology is still a hot topic at present. It has developed to a higher level of agility, intelligence and integration, and becomes the third generation model technology.
2, edm milling and "green" product technology ­ ­ from foreign electric machine, no matter from the performance, process indicators, intelligent, have reached a very high degree of automation level, the current foreign new trend is for edm milling technology (edm into machining technology) research and development, this is an alternative to traditional with formed electrode processing cavity of new technology, it is made of high speed rotating simple tubular electrodes for 3 d or 2 d contour machining (like numerical control milling), so no longer need to make complex shape electrode, it's clearly a significant development in the field of electric spark forming processing. ­ ­ recently, Japan's mitsubishi company launched EDSCAN8E edm and into machine tools have a new progress. The machine can automatically compensate electrode loss, for the development of special CAM system in Windows95, can with general CAD linkage such as AutoCAD, and can carry on online measuring precision, to ensure the high precision machining. In order to confirm whether the machining shape is abnormal or incomplete, CAM system can also realize simulation machining. ­ ­ on edm technology progress at the same time, electrical discharge machining of security and protection technology more and more get people's attention, many electric machine tools are considered the safety protection technology. At present, the European Community has stipulated that the machine tools without the "CE" mark cannot enter the European Community market, and the international market attaches more and more importance to the requirements of safety protection technology. ­ ­ at present, the main problem of electric spark machine tool is radiation harassment, for safety, environmental protection, it pay more and more attention to "green" products in the international market, as the leading device of the mould processing of electric spark machine tool technology, "green" products will be the problem must be solved in the future.
3, a new generation of mould CAD/CAM software technology ­ ­ at present, countries such as Britain, the United States, Germany and the development of some colleges and universities and research institutes in China mold software, with a new generation of intelligent mould CAD/CAM software, integration, tooling manufacturability evaluation, etc. ­ ­ a new generation of mold software should be out of the mold design practice, sum up a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is systematized and scientifically organized, stored in the engineering knowledge base in a specific form and easily invoked by the mold. Supported by intelligent software, mold CAD is no longer in the traditional design and calculation method of imitation, but under the guidance of advanced design theory, fully use the abundant knowledge and successful experience of experts in the field, the design result is reasonable and advanced. ­ ­ a new generation of mold software with three-dimensional thinking, intuitive feeling to design the mould structure, the generated 3 d structure information can be conveniently used for tooling manufacturability evaluation and nc machining, which requires the mold software in 3 d parametric feature model, forming process simulation, simulation of nc machining process and information communication and the degree of organization and management to achieve a perfect and has high integration level. Measure of software integration level of high and low, not only depends on whether function module is complete, and to see whether these function modules share the same data model, whether in a unified way to form the global dynamic database, realize the integrated management and sharing of information, to support the mold design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, testing and production process. ­ ­ tooling manufacturability evaluation function in the role of a new generation of mold software is very important, both to filter scheme of multiple, and to evaluate the rationality in the process of mold design and economical efficiency and, and provide a basis for changes in the mold designers. ­ ­ in a new generation of mold software, manufacturability evaluation mainly includes the mold design and manufacturing cost estimation, evaluation for assembling mold, mold parts manufacturability evaluation document, die structure and forming performance evaluation, etc. ­ バ disorderly huai ­ software shall also have the function for assembly, because the function of the mould can be reflected only by the assembly structure. By adopting the method of design for assembly (after, mold assembly is no longer a simple assembling parts one by one, its data structure can not only describe the function of the mould, and definition of the relationship between mold parts assembly feature, implementation parts, thus effectively guarantee the quality of the mould.
Four, advanced rapid mould manufacturing technology ­ ­ 1, laser rapid prototyping technology (RPM) news fast development, our country has reached the international level, and gradually achieve commercialization. The world has commercialized rapid prototyping technology mainly including slas (stereo lithography), LOM(made in layered parts), SLS(selective laser sintering), 3d-p (3D printing). ­ ­ of tsinghua university has introduced the American 3 d company SLA250 (stereo lithography or laser curing photosensitive resin) equipment and technology research and development, after several years efforts, many times to improve, improve, launched the "M" - RPMS - type multifunctional rapid prototyping system (with layered entity manufacturing - SSM, melting extrusion - MEM), the country's independent intellectual property rights of the world's only have two kinds of rapid prototyping technology (national patent), the system has good cost performance. ­ ­ 2, die multi-point forming technology is a highly adjustable punch group instead of traditional mold plate surface forming a advanced manufacturing technology, there is no mold multi-point forming (MPF) system based on CAD/CAM/CAT technology as main means, to achieve rapid economic three-dimensional surface automatic forming. Jilin industry has undertaken the national key science and technology project of the unmoulded form, has independently designed and manufactured the international leading level of modeless multi-point forming equipment. ­ ­ of the technology in China and the United States at the Massachusetts institute of technology, university of Tokyo in Japan, Tokyo, Japan industrial university, compared in the aspect of theoretical research and practical application are in leading position, is currently in development toward popularization and application. ­ ­ 3, resin for the trial production of stamping die in a car for the first time successful application. Faw mould manufacturing co., LTD., design and manufacture of the 12 sets of resin mold trial for new small red flag car modification and the 12 sets of moulds were suitcases, hood, both before and after the plate and other large-scale complex inner and outer covering parts drawing mould, moulding surface its main characteristic is to the main model of CAD/CAM processing as a benchmark, adopt Switzerland ciba elaboration of high strength resin casting forming, convex concave die clearance of imported special paraffin control accurately, the size of the mould of high precision, manufacturing cycle can be shortened half to two-thirds, manufacturing cost can save about 10 million yuan (12 sets of mould). It has opened up a new way for China's car trial and small batch production. Swiss ciba experts believe that it can reach the international level in the 1990s.
Five, the scene of the mold testing technology ­ ­ precision mold development, more and more high to the requirement of measurement. The precision three-coordinate measuring machine, which has long been restricted by the environment, is seldom used in the production site. A new generation of three coordinates measuring machine basically all have temperature compensation and vibration materials, improve the dust prevention measures, improve the reliability of using environmental adaptability and make it can be used conveniently installed in the workshop, in order to realize the measurement of the scene. ­ ­ six, mirror polished mold surface engineering technology ­ ­ mold polishing technology is an important part of the mold surface engineering, is an important process of post-treatment in the process of mould manufacturing. At present, the domestic mold polishing to Ra0.05 mu m polishing equipment, abrasive abrasive, and craft, can basically meet the need, and to throw to the Ra0.025 mu m mirror polishing equipment, abrasive abrasive, and technology is still in groping stage. With the large-scale application of mirror injection mold in the production, the mould polishing technology becomes the key problem of mold production. Due to domestic polishing technology and materials, etc, also there are some problems, so as a camera lens, CD, VCD discs of injection moulds and tools require high transparency of injection mold are still largely dependent on imports. ­ ­ # # p# page title e# it is worth noting that the mold surface polishing not only affected by polishing equipment and process technology, also affected by the mold material mirror degrees, this has not caused enough attention, that is to say, the restriction of the die material polishing itself. For example, the use of 45 # carbon steel in injection mold, polishing to Ra0.2 microns, visible to the naked eye obvious flaws, continue throwing can only increase the brightness, and roughness is hopeless, so in the current domestic lens mold production often imported mould material, such as Sweden's one win best 136, Japanese datong PD555 can get the satisfactory degree of mirror. ­ ­ lens mold material is not only chemical composition problem, more major is require the use of vacuum degassing, argon gas protection when smelting ingot casting, vertical continuous casting and rolling, forging and a series of advanced technology, make the mirror steel with less internal defects, fine granularity, high degree of dispersion, metal impurities of fine grain size and uniformity is good wait for a series of advantages, polished to a mirror in order to achieve the requirement of steel.

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