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Three conditions that must be noted in the process of injection molding.

As is known to all, injection molding processing is a broad scope, technical and practical industry, in the injection molding process need to use plastic raw materials, pigments, shuikou material, mold, injection molding machine and peripheral equipment, fixture, spray, all kinds of auxiliary materials and packaging materials, etc., the injection molding workshop management to bring very great workload and certain difficulty. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following three situations in the process of injection molding.
1. Different raw materials need different temperature during injection molding. Too high or too low will have a bad effect on injection molding. If the temperature is too low, it will affect the color of the liquid raw materials. The temperature is too high, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of burr. Therefore, we should strictly control the temperature of injection molding according to the different materials.
2. In the process of injection molding, we also need to control the speed of pouring. If it is too fast, it will be easy to produce the burr, and even lead to filling and charred. If it is too slow, there will be shrinkage, and easy breakage. Therefore, we must control the speed of pouring in order to ensure the quality of the products produced.
3. During the injection molding process, we also need to pay attention to controlling the cooling time, and the specific time required will be determined according to the specific situation of the processed products.
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