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Factors influencing the service life of die casting die.

The damage forms of die-casting mould mainly include adhesion, corrosion, erosion and thermal cracking, and the characteristics of these injuries are related to stress. The high probability of thermal cracking is the main factor of mould damage and failure. Stress is the main cause of thermal cracking, and the reasons for stress generation and improvement measures will be put forward to improve the service life of die casting mould.
Cause stress concentration to die in the process of using overload and damage are often is the result of the cumulative effect of multiple link, the link is mainly the mould structure, material selection, material, material processing and the use process and using environment and so on. Mould structure design should avoid stress non-uniform, satisfies the requirement of die casting technology and processing technology, for more complex parts of die casting mould parts should also be equipped with good mold temperature control system. Contact with the liquid metal in the mould is high alloy materials, the material of the homogeneous degree after casting quality and material handling will also significantly affect the mold in the process of processing quality, and influence in the process of using life. In these high alloy steel, precipitated phase to diffuse distribution of ball will be beneficial to improve the material performance, These aspects can be refer to the relevant professional books. In the process of mould manufacture process and use the relevant link will also affect the quality of the mould, manufacturing process can produce all kinds of stress, such as cutting, milling, grinding machining stress, incorrect heat treatment also can produce stress. The stress generated during the use of the mold is the thermal stress and mechanical stress during the casting and solidification process, which will produce stress concentration. In the process of manufacturing, defects can occur, which can easily lead to thermal cracking in the process of use. Therefore, it needs to be taken seriously and handled.

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