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Name:Rebecca Dong

Specific analysis of molding process of bottle cap mold.

  The molding process is also very specific. Because we attach great importance to it, we should pay more attention to it during production. In the production process of bottle cap mold, the most important is to grasp the reasonable utilization of the craft, produce more practical products.
  The molding process of bottle cap mold is not much different from that of ordinary mould. It also includes four stages including filling, pressure protection, cooling and stripping. When we work on these four stages, we take the most serious attitude. Since the quality of the bottle cap mold is controlled by these processes, only the advanced technology can have a better development space. At the same time, also make a hint for the development of bottle cap mold.

Down:Several elements of safety protection of injection molding machine mould protection system.
Up:The implementation method of the concrete steps of injection mold preparation.
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