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Several elements of safety protection of injection molding machine mould protection system.

As the main production tool of injection molding factory, it determines the shape, specification, size and appearance of the product. The material of the hardware mold is steel, generally by the front die/rear mold composition.
Mold protection
Since the mold has the characteristics of specificity, precision and vulnerability, the safety protection of the mold is very important, and the general induction has the following aspects:
1. Rust prevention: to prevent rust caused by the injection molding machine mold with leakage/condensation water/rain/handprint etc.
2. Anti-collision: to prevent the mold from being damaged due to breakage of the thimble and the failure to return.
3. In addition to the spines: prevent mold burrs caused by the brush/material blanking/hand wipe/tongs.
4. Missing parts: prevent the mold from being damaged during the use of the die due to the lack of pull rod/washer and other parts.
5. Anti-pressure: the mould pressing is caused by the mould because there is still residual product.
6. Undervoltage: to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure protection of the mold.
There because of the thimble fracture has not been back in place, mould residues, thimble auxiliary products, the lack of parts is the proportion of the damage of the mould is higher, and that the more frequently, so this is so why more than 85% of the mold damage, and mould maintenance cost is higher, usually so how to avoid the happening of this kind of situation is directly related to the interests of the injection molding industry.
In order to prevent the result of a damaged mold production delays, and high maintenance cost, and at the same time in order to save human resources, through continuous research and improvement, using machine vision technology developed a product, referred to as the "mold protector".
Mold monitor, or die protector, also known as die electronic eye, can effectively protect the valuable mold. Mold expert luo hui said, injection molding machine mold protection system, installed in the injection molding machine, can be directly check whether the product is unqualified, and check the presence of residues, prior to closing to prevent mold damage. Injection molding machine is running, each cycle, expensive mold is likely to be for plastic residue or dislocation sliding block are in danger of damage, encyclopeolia to prevent these happen, prevent mold closing and alarm automatically when exception occurs.
If there is no effective mold protection, we will give you the following Suggestions:
Precautions for mold maintenance:
1. When removing the mold, avoid touching and dripping water, and move smoothly.
2. Spray the hot mold, then spray a small amount of release agent.
3. Want to die to conduct a comprehensive inspection and antirust processing, carefully wipe dry cavity, core and ejector mechanism and moisture and sundry, in areas such as the line a and spraying mould rust inhibitor and butter.
Mold maintenance
In the process of continuous working, the mold is required to be maintained due to the abrasion of parts, deterioration of lubricants, water leakage and pressure of plastic material.
Mold maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and lower mold maintenance.
The daily maintenance of molds usually includes the following aspects:
1. Regular derusting (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, etc.)
2. Regularly reapply lubricant (ejection mechanism, line position, etc.)
3. Regularly replace wear parts (pull rod, bolts, etc.)
4. Other places to pay attention to.
The mold maintenance needs to be removed by professional maintenance personnel, the mold cavity, thimp and other professional test protection.

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