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The implementation method of the concrete steps of injection mold preparation.

  When injection molding tool preparation, it has certain specific steps, we carry out the implementation according to these, thus can obtain the high quality mold parts. For the market, more quality injection mold is a good thing.
  Injection mold material is mainly depending on the product expansion plan preparation, determine the template size in the drawings, including the fixed plate, stripper plate, intensive, inserts, etc., note directly in product expansion plan preparation, this is of great benefit to draw mold figure is. We can directly draw the template size on drawing, assembly drawing in the form of expression, on the one hand can complete preparation, on the other hand, in the mold the parts work, save a lot of work, because in the drawing a components in the work of preparation add positioning, pin, guide pin, screw holes.
  The concrete steps of injection mold preparation are carried out in this way, and we should strictly implement them.

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