TZ250 Airbox conversion 1998/9 to 2003+(4TW-5KE)

This has been in the pipeline for quite a while now. I wanted to run the later 2003 fairing on my 98 4TW as it is about 4″ wider at the front and a lot higher, basically a much bigger fairing and in my opinion looks awesome. I finally found a company making them and placed and order but was very disappointed when it arrived. The build quality was awful and the fit was just as bad. The belly pan would crack when trying to do the fairing up as it was not shaped correctly for the 2003 lower!!! I spoke with a couple of others who had the same problem and decided to reshape the whole thing. It’s taken a while as it’s a bit of a homer but if you want to run the later fairings then have a look. I made the two parts different colours so you can see the product better. They will both come in black although the “two tone” is starting to grow on me! I will add some images of the fairing fitted shortly.